Welcome to doc-in, the online registration for young researchers at Friedrich Schiller University Jena

For doctoral candidates

…if you want to start your doctorate at FSU or if you already started, you can use doc-in to apply for admission as a doctoral candidate and for enrolment (optional).

Requirement: you have already have an agreement with a Professor that he/she is going to be your supervisor, or you have been admitted to a doctoral programme at FSU.

For postdocs

…if you are a postdoc at FSU, please register here in order to get access to FSU’s services for Postdocs (e.g. campus ID, wifi) or to the Graduate Academy’s services for postdocs.

For visiting scientists / scholars

…if you are a doctoral candidate or postdoc at another research institution / university and you are planning or you already started a research stay at FSU, please register in order to get access to FSU’s services for visting scientists / scholars (e.g. campus ID, wifi) or to services offered by the Graduate Academy.